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East Hill Real Estate

East Hill is a very quirky place. The first homes were built in the late 1800’s and most of them are nearer to the downtown area and in what is known as “Old East Hill” which is the area south of Cervantes from 9th Ave to 20th Ave (east/west) and ends on Bayou Texar. The earlier homes were mostly wood structures although there are some plaster and brick homes as well. Many of the homes in the Old East Hill area are very large multi-story houses that were homes to the more affluent people in Pensacola that weren’t living in North Hill. However, there are also shacks, bungalows, cottages, middle class sized dwellings nestled in between the larger houses in this area as well.

Because of its quiet, neighbor friendly attitude, location to the beach, downtown, the mall and other shopping destinations East Hill is one of the most sought after neighborhoods not only in Pensacola, but all of Florida.