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Proudly celebrating over 36 Years!

Proudly celebrating over 36 Years!

Pensacola has a distinguished and proud heritage dating back over 450 years. At Connell & Company Realty, Inc., we are equally as proud of the historical significance of the area and take pride in presenting these communities to our customers.

By setting the standard for excellence, Connell & Company Realty has become among the largest independently owned real estate companies in Northwest Florida. We are a multi-million dollar corporation of more than 50 Realtor Professionals and staff. We don’t compete with each other; we work as a team with over 2,000 years combined real estate experience – committed to offering you the best possible real estate experience!

Team Testimonials

Cindy helped my fiance and I find our house very quickly. We went to go look at houses and the first house we stopped at she said “I found your house!” We walked in and fell in love at first sight. However, since that was the first house, I of course wanted to go look at more. After about 10 more  houses, I kept thinking about that first house and finally realized that was the house I loved and wanted. There were a couple other people who had put in an offer already, and the seller’s realtor was…
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